Content Management Websites (CMS)

A Content Management System website (or CMS), is much more than a static informational website. A content management system gives the owner of the site an element of control over the content in the website without having to hire a webmaster, thereby matching the name, "content management".

On a technical level, a content management site is connected to a back-end database which tracks all of the information in the site including photos, music, video, document and whatever else is a part of your site.  Once we have built your site and set up and organized the information within the CMS, very little technical knowledge is necessary to manage certain aspects of the crucial information on your website, and puts you in the drivers seat thereby saving you time and money.  In addition a CMS is very scalable so that it can grow with your business needs without having to be rebuilt.  For example, eCommerce or other business applications can be added to the site with minimal expense, time and frustration.

Content Management Systems are being enjoyed as the best option to serve a variety of online requirements for many individuals and organizations.  For example, the following list shows the diversity served by CMS:

Corporate websites and business portals
Small business websites
Non-profit websites
Community based portals
Government websites and applications
Online magazines, newspapers, and publications
Corporate intranets and extranets
Online reservations
School websites
Church websites
Personal and family websites