About Us

Though we like to consider our egg & chicken motif somewhat playful, never-the-less our reality is that we are a group of very dedicated professionals with kind of a whimsical logo.  Though our job is serious, we try to maintain a fun spirit in our work and make sure the process of helping our clients is both enjoyable and informative.

It's formidable for any one company to be specialists in all things web since the way that the internet can be used for in behalf of an individual, business or organization is so diverse.  This diversity of of opportunity sometimes requires us to work together with other professionals in a vendor sharing protocol we have enacted.   This enables us to contribute the best ideas possible for our clients as we learn about their business requirements.  It allows us the flexibility of sometimes bringing to the table solutions that may greatly enhance their business model, but which they weren't aware of.  We look forward to learning about how we can advance your mission.